A. Shreki BV helps you realize your business goals by helping you arranging the transport and shipping of the goods you bought with us or elsewhere. We will arrange the transport and/or shipment as a service, when you purchased the goods with A. Shreki BV. When you purchased the goods with an other supplier we will ask for a 10% fee.

We have build a broad network over the years within the transport of machinery. Our contacts transport de machine often to ports like Antwerp and Zeebrugge in Belgium or Rotterdam or Flushing in The Netherlands. Which port depends on the final destination.
In addition, they also transport the equipment to countries within Europe.

Our agents are specialised in containers [20ft or 40ft]; roll-on roll-off[Ro-Ro] etc. It varies for each machine, what’s the best and cheapest way of shipping. We can assist you in making the right choice.

To Import and Export machinery, you need certain documentary. When we arrange the transport and/or the shipping for you, we will always do our best to deliver the requested documentary by DHL on time. We will send you an email with the track & trace number, so you will be able to track the documents yourself on the DHL website. The following documentation may be necessary for you:

  • Exportdocument [EX-A]
    You need an EX-A to export goods to countries outside Europe.

  • Bill of Lading set [BoL]
    When the goods are delivered at the final destination and when you have chosen to ship your purchased goods, then you or your notify needs to hand in the bill of lading at the port of discharge(POD) to release the machine.

  • Certificate of Origin [CoO]
    A Certificate of Origin is a document that lists the origin of a product. It proves in which country a product was manufactured. Some countries outside the EU require a Certificate of Origin for trade policy reasons, like boycotts, import limitations and import quota. Additionally, a Certificate of Origin will entitle you to a discount on or exemption from import duties in certain countries. In these cases, the most favoured nation (MFN) import rate applies. Without a Certificate of Origin, you might encounter difficulties when importing products in certain countries. Think of, for example, delays during transport or the clearance procedure, increased costs, fines or denial of entry at the border. A country uses the Certificate of Origin to determine whether or not you can import the products. In most cases, you will not need a certificate of origin within the EU.

    Based on the Certificate of Origin, a country will decide whether or not you can import a product. A country may also use the Certificate of Origin to determine if the MFN import rate is applicable. This is usually lower than the general rate. Are you exporting to a country with which the EU has a trade agreement? For that, you will need a EUR.1 document.
  • EUR1
    A EUR.1 certificate entitles the importer in the country of destination to a discount on or even exemption from import duties. It is valid in all countries with which the EU has a trade agreement. When an importer wishes to take advantage of a discount on or exemption from import duties, the “preferential origin” of the products needs to be proven. The EUR.1 certificate makes that possible. The EUR.1 certificate can be requested when the products were manufactured in the European Union and are being exported to a country with which the EU has a trade agreement. When these conditions are met, the EUR.1 certificate needs to be filled out and then stamped by the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce will only stamp the certificate when you supply the correct documentation (including a declaration from the supplier that lists the origin of the products). Next, the customs office also has to stamp the certificate.

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